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At Fundamentals Relaxation Spa, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the wonderful, therapeutic, stress-relieving benefits of receiving a spa service. We are committed to ensuring that every visit here at Fundamentals will be filled with care, relaxation, peace, and most importantly, the healing experience. Your professional therapist sole purpose is to ensure that you receive all the benefits that come with receiving an exceptional spa service.

  • Hot Stone Massage $69

  • Lavender Chiffon Massage $99

  • The Works Massage, Facial, Mani/Pedi $159

  • Offers Expire: July 31 , 2017

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    Why Massage is Necessary

    Research has shown that massage is not only good for relaxation it can also improve your overall health. Our Certified Massage Therapists have over 20 years of combined experience in various massage modalities.


    Getting Beyond Relaxation

    While relaxation is the first thing on people's minds when you think of a spa, there is an overall benefit to your health and wellness as Fundamentals' clients.


    Injury and Stress

    From sports injuries to razor bumps, our staff of professional therapists are trained to provide services that are designed specifically for man as well.